SBAR Independence Cups

The PSC Cups have attractive colorful designs and come in a two handle configurations. Each cup comes with two specialty lids to suit every need.

The cups can be used with either of the 2 lids or without a lid. The spout lid has a contoured spout to fit comfortably in the mouth. The anti splash lid prevents splashing and helps to direct the flow of liquid into the mouth. Both lids allow the flow of liquid to be regulated and can be used with a straw. Extra replacement lids are available and fit all of the PSC Cups and Mugs.

- The PSC Cups and Mugs hold up to 8 oz. of liquid

- They can be used with either warm or cold drinks

- The translucent color allows contents to be seen at all times

- All cups and lids are dishwasher safe

- PSC Cup $5 - BUY NOW

- Set of 2 PSC Cups $9 - BUY NOW

P.O. Box 40672, Providence, RI 02940